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"Hello, my name is Deana Kassim. I am a Member of International Federation of Aromatherapists (M.I.F.A.) a fully qualified aromatherapist, skincare formulator, brand designer, certified educator & holistic therapist, with over 20 years of hands-on experience within the beauty sector. I am proud to welcome you to Purodem, our fresh, new, innovative, online school of professional essential oils therapy, cosmetic formulation, and manufacture of clean, natural & organic skincare products."
Deana Kassim
M.I.F.A. & Principle Tutor at Purodem

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clinical aromatherapy & essential oils therapy

The IFA Professional Essential Oils Therapy Diploma (PEOT) course is designed to develop knowledge and understanding of the clinical application of essential oils, and provides the learner with the skills to provide advanced therapeutic treatments within a clinical setting and the skills to create your own product line. 

Pitched at an advanced level and devised by industry experts, this comprehensive course is unsurpassed by others. It enables you to work confidently with 90 essential oils and 34 carrier oils and how to use scents for emotional and mental wellness.

The aromatherapeutic module details natural ingredients and their uses, base products, ingredients to avoid and how to guide the therapist through making natural remedies in the clinic. Having a thorough understanding of the therapeutic properties of each specific oil, and their methods of application, enables the learner to tailor and formulate blends to individual clients when applying prescriptive aromatherapy.

international federation of aromatherapist peot course provider
professional standards authority accredited register

Study Hours

275 tutor guided study hours.

450 self-study hours.


Yes. Please select 'Full Details' for information on these. 

Qualification Level

Equivalent to UK Higher Education Level: 5 - 6


International Federation of Aromatherapists

Professional Standards Authority (UK Parliament & NHS Referral) 

making skincare - formulation courses

Our Foundation & Advanced Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation cover all aspects of skincare formulation & manufacture, teaching you how to make your own clean, natural & organic cosmetic skin care products, suitable for personal use, aromatherapy clients, salon or spa clients, or even if you wish to start a beauty business & create your own skincare brand. We’ll teach you the complete process of formulating beauty products, and skincare production, suitable for small & large scale manufacture. 

Our online courses in skincare formulation are accessible for anyone who wants to learn how to make natural skincare – for those who want to make DIY skincare products for their families, entrepreneurs who want to start their own beauty brand, to complimentary health therapists, aromatherapists & beauty therapists wanting to treat their clients individual skincare requirements.

By studying online with us, you can learn how to formulate and make a wide range of cosmetic skin care products including cleansers, moisturisers, body creams, lotions, serums and far more, using the best natural and organic ingredients available to you.

Skill Level

We offer both Foundation & Advanced Diploma courses to choose from depending on experience.


Access to the Purodem Academy student groups via the Purodem mobile app.

Completion Time

After enrolment, you'll have 2 years to complete your course. 

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Learn how to become a skincare formulator

We'll show you the complete process of product design & formulation to allow you to be able to create beautiful products of your own using the most gorgeous cosmetic ingredients available to you.

Launch your own beauty brand

On the successful completion of your course you will have learnt the skills required to launch your very own skincare business, creating a natural skin care should you wish to using organic ingredients your customers will love.

Join an exclusive international community

Join us, and help grow an exclusive international community of like-minded people from around the world via our own built-in social network. Make connections, and new friends worldwide to enhance your learning experience.

Create your own range of skincare

On our courses you will learn how to understand and follow skincare formulations, but also be encouraged to take a creative leap into writing your own formulations as part of your on-course product range building assignments.​

Receive regular tutor & mentor access

We don’t believe you can effectively learn by just watching a video and filling in a workbook. At Purodem you will receive regular contact time with your tutor to check on your progress, and offer help and encouragement.

Study from anywhere in the world

Study anywhere in the world, at your own pace, using your computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone via our own custom-designed social eLearning platform, and mobile apps developed for iPhone, iPad & Android devices.

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